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Volume 1 - Basic Shindo

The Basic Shindo training DVD is the direct result of a request from Sensei Masaru Shintani, Kudan and founder of The Shindo Federation of North America and The World Shintani Shindo Federation.

Sensei began teaching his students in the early 1980's. The roots of these basics and other techniques taught by Sensei can be traced directly back to his extensive Wado Kai training under Otsuka sensei. Sensei Shintani used the sabaki motion and explosiveness that he was renowned for to develop the same effects with the Shindo. After introducing Shindo to his students, Sensei requested that a training and grading process be put in place, based on five katas; SHINDO NIDAN, CHIO BOTE, SEI SHAN NO SHINDO, CHINTO NO SHINDO, and WANSHU NO SHINDO. Sensei had a personal influence on the final outcome of all of these katas.

The Basic course is the first of three Shindo segments - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each have been designed to build on one another to create a strong basis for the dan level rankings and instructor certification that will follow. The aim of the Shindo committee is to further develop and spread Sensei Shintani's teachings and philosophies across the continent. For those of you who had the privilege of being associated with Sensei Shintani, you knew how important Shindo was to him, he once held the Shindo up in front of a class at a black belt work out and said..."this is my life".

Our aim is to make that life continue to live and prosper.

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Volume 1 - Basic Shindo

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